by Luke Philbrick



released October 4, 2019

Debut LP - The Kitchen Sessions

Luke Philbrick: Voice/Guitar
Damon Thomas: Voice/Percussion
Mike Lee: Harp
Jake Philbrick: Percussion/Voice
James Philbrick: Voice/Percussion
Laura Mitchell: Voice

Engineered/Mixed by Lee Pyart
Mastered by Jake Philbrick
Produced by Luke Philbrick/
Damon Thomas/
James Philbrick/
Lee Pyart

Photos: Mike Gardiner
Design: Glen Miles / Luke Philbrick



all rights reserved



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Track Name: John The Revelator
Who's that writing?, (John the revelator)
He wrote the book of the seven seals
What's John Writing? (ask the revelator)
He wrote the book of the seven seals
And he foresees Judea's Lion breaking the seal
The prophesised daughter of Zion finally made real
Track Name: In My Time Of Dying
In my time of dying I don't want nobody to moan
All I want for you to do is bring my body home
So I can die easy - Jesus gonna make up my dying bed
Meet me Jesus, meet me - meet me in the middle of the air
And if these wings should fail me lord won't you meet me with another pair
So I can die easy - Jesus gonna make up my dying bed
I'm going on down to the river - stick my sword in the sand
I'm gonna shout my troubles over lord - I done made it to the promised land
So I can die easy - Jesus gonna make up my dying bed
In my time of dying I don't want nobody to cry
All I want for you to do is take me when I die
So I can die easy - Jesus gonna make up my dying bed
Track Name: The Stolen Generation
Her eyes lay softly down on his face
The most beautiful mistake she had ever made
Her arms wrapped gently around his shape
Just one last time before they take him away
They told her she couldn't do it alone
That they'd find her baby a suitable home
So that he can learn to be something you're not
We are sincerely sorry for your loss - an empty cot
And she tears herself out of bed
And she throws herself out the door
And she cries deep into the dirt
And she screams 'I want my baby back’
Track Name: Stand Tall
I ain't gonna work that field today and toil downtrodden for cruel King Cotton
Nor ever feel that whip again or feel any fear for no overseer
Stand tall
I ain't gonna go by nigger no more - I ain't gonna answer to no more masters
Nor be treated like no animal and bought or sold and do what it’s told
Stand tall
I'm gonna run before I'm sent down the river - sold down the river
I'm gonna fight my way away from down the river - sold down the river
I'd rather die by mine own hand down the river - sold down the river
Track Name: Yours
It’s filling your lungs, killing your eyes
And green is the blood shot that hides all your lies
You're turning your blood into wine
Wash away those sins and they're all mine
Climb down off of that high horse
And look me in the eye and say I'm yours
Fall off of that high horse
And look me in the eye and say I'm yours
Track Name: No More
No more my lord - no I'll never turn back no more
Why test my faith? - why do you tempt me to fall from grace?
I think I'll live my life away from the glare of your white light
No more my lord - no I'll never turn back no more
Track Name: Daddy's Going To Hell
It's good to see you in church little girl and this is where we learn you religion
So sing and praise the lord almighty and you will live forever in heaven
So sit beside your sister my dear and listen to your mother praying
But it seems a certain someone is missing again and you know that if you can't save him... daddy's going to hell
If he don't believe little girl he'll drink from a cup of fire and brimstone
So try to save his soul little darling but don't forget your one true father
Cos' n matter how much you think that you love him you can only serve one master
Daddy's going to hell
God gave his only begotten son for your sins little girl but I'm afraid your daddy's going to hell
Track Name: Rosie
Be my woman girl - I'll be your man
Every day's Sunday dollar in your hand
Stick to the promise girl you made me
Wouldn't get married 'till I gone free
I gone free lordy - I gone free
Oh Rosie be my girl
When she walks she reeling right behind
Ain't that enough to worry a convicts mind
Oh Rosie be my girl
Track Name: Sail Away
The older I am the harder I breathe, the harder it seems to go on
The more that things change the less they seem real, the less that I feel I belong
Sail away and I'm gone
At the mirror I gaze and reflect on the times etched in the lines of my face
Upon which my fingers can trace the paths I have walked, the twists, turns and forks to this place
Sail away and I'm gone
I have my last shave, straighten my tie and make sure I'm in my Sunday best
And then I set out for a place far away, a place where I'll lay me to rest
Sail away and I'm gone
Track Name: Black Snake
A black snake crawling in my room tells me just what to do
The grey wall behind which I hide keeps me from the garden outside
A white lamb on the killing floor gets up and shows me to the door
The grey mare kicks the whiffletree - she sure ain't what she used to be
A white rider tries to shoot me down - I give in and he takes my crown
A black dog is following me - a fate from which I'll never be free
A white dove flying up above is too high to feel real love
A black cloud touches all I see so I seek shelter in a shade of a tree
A grey wolf reminds me who I am and I know I'm nothing more than a man
Track Name: St James Infirmary
I went down to St James Infirmary - I saw my baby there
She was stretched along a long, cold, white table - so cold, so sweet so bare
I looked up to see the doctor - 'she's very low' he said
And when I turned back to look at my baby she was there lying dead
Today I helped carry her coffin and we're all dressed in black
Twelve of us went on down to that graveyard - only eleven came back
And I said 'let her go, let her go God bless her wherever she may be
She could search this whole wide world over - she'd never find a sweetheart like me'
And now you've heard my story of what I did lose
if anybody else here should ask you tell them I got those St James Infirmary Blues
Track Name: Come Inside
Open my mind and enter this dream - I'll show you around in a limousine
We can get ourselves lost in the wind through her hair and follow the stars shining everywhere
We can take a rest in the curve of her smile - it's the moon’s day off caught in a media file
We can swim around the blue of her eye like a little mermaid dancing in the sky
Leave your hat by the door and come inside - soaked to the bone, never been more alive
And this the bed where I can’t sleep at night no - kissed by the sun she shines so bright
Track Name: Oh Death
Look - see what the lord has done and I know my time ain't long
Death - death stole my baby and gone and I know my time ain't long
Hush - someone is calling me and I know my time ain't long
Soon - death come slipping in your room and I know my time ain't long

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