by Echo Bloom



BLUE is the first and acoustic album, while RED, the second album in Echo Bloom's Colors trilogy, finds the band wrapping their songs around a core of country and rock, combining feedback-drenched guitars and thundering drums with orchestral strings and banjo into a unique mixture that's equal parts Tom Petty and My Bloody Valentine.
Echo Bloom, led by Kyle Evans, has become a road-hardened group after the release of their 2015 record Blue, which No Depression magazine described as "a masterpiece (Lee Zimmerman)„. The band embarked on several extensive tours that brought them across Europe and the US, getting the band into a tight recording unit.

After bouncing between Washington DC, Los Angeles, and San Francisco, Kyle Evans eventually caught the muse he was searching for in Berlin. Completely submerged in the German culture, Evans found inspiration in dusty libraries along the Spree and long, quiet bike rides through the city. He holed up in an apartment and woodshedded for months, the seclusion allowing him the perfect environment to completely focus on his work. After a few months, he left Germany with material for three records. Because each album seemed to fit into slightly different genres, Evans began thinking about them as different seasons, different countries and finally, different colors. 'Blue' would be the more folk-oriented of the group, 'Red' would be more country rock, and 'Green' would be more classic pop.
Today the quartet adds Aviva Jaye on alto vocals and piano, Jason Mattis on bass, and Cody Rahn on percussions.


released December 4, 2015


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Track Name: Annunciation
The dawning Appalachia's hours from this night
so I will wait here for the light
wondering maybe if tonight my town will finally rise again

I thought of you as I slipped off that evening
but as I settled on a dream
I heard a gathering of wings
and woke to angels in my yard erasing darkness from the night

They had the legs of men the heads of hummingbirds
their autumn feathers lined with words
the tattooed nouns and verbs
in a language that I heard them speak but couldn't understand

I cried and tried to tell the story of my town
but I couldn't make a sound
and as I fainted to the ground
and angel laid me down and said a single word into my ear

Feathers pierced my skin and formed a ruby crest of fur
and when I spoke I heard
the warble of a bird
So I flew screaming out the word across the morning's breaking light

I woke alone with feathers covering everything
I was back in my own skin
and as the morning emptied in
I was remembering I spoke some word I couldn't quite recall
Track Name: Cedar Beach
Standing on Cedar Beach I saw a man in the sea
Silently he floated closer to me
there on the snow stood a ghost
Skin wrapped in barnacles, bracelets of seaweed and bone
Hair of anemone eyes of a crow
staring at me on the beach

Trembling I shut my eyes and fell down to my knees
Saying 'Are you a demon or saint come for me?'
Shaking his head, he said
'I row the boats in the ghost kingdom under the sea,
in wintertime I like to come to this beach.'
I opened my eyes and replied

'Is it a heaven or hell at the flor of this sea?
Wandering seafarer tell this to me'
Smiling he said as he started to walk off alone
'You wrote that ending a long time ago'
Track Name: Veins
If the darkness comes this evening
how my hands will trace
all the starry night reflected
off your sweaty waist
How our bodies burning made the ground a town for passing planes
and together singing tura lura lura

Pour the holy water over our heads
hollow out our spines
change our blood to sap
our bones to limbs
edit veins to vines
What our skin remembers render into colors for the leaves
and together singing tura lura lura

Because all that I have ever wanted
All that I could need
Is to go back to the body
where I was a seed
Where we'd grow our hearts into a perfect weeping willow tree
and together singing tura lura lura
Track Name: Blue
Oh I know what it's like
getting old, getting settled in my ways
Oh it seems that every Spring
seems to pass a little faster than before
And take another memory so blue

Oh I realized
when the curve of your chin became unclear
Oh then remembering
your face got harder everyday
So I carry around our photograph so blue

Track Name: The Prostitute (Goodbye Savannah)
20,000 dollars and I don’t care
just to lay down upon your feet
just to stay as you fall asleep
Because I think you look like everything
That I’ve had but I couldn’t keep
That I’ve hummed by I couldn’t sing

And tomorrow I’ll be heavy as the wind
Left to blow out the candles that still are lit
Oh and goodbye Savannah

I had me a lover years ago
How his hands were the maple trees
Waving shade on the Georgia Spring
We would live together him and me
I would paint while the morning traced
Lines of light on his sleeping face

I would make Alabama a Southern sea
With him waking upon it’s empty beach
Oh and goodbye Savannah

Everyday you get more incomplete
First your eyes were a dimmer blue
Than the oceans I once drew
Now I lose a little everyday
And I’m scared cause the thing that’s new
Is I notice I’m fading too

So if you’re ever again near Birmingham
Would you lay next to me, honey if you can
Oh and goodbye Savannah
Track Name: The Flood
Sometimes when I'm walking in the afternoon I hear him speak to me
the rhythm of a flock of crows, the opal of some puddled gasoline
he says to build an ark and ready for the flood
I found an empty shipping box and towed it to the lot beside my home
I wrapped it up in balding tires and empty cans and broken styrofoam
and every afternoon, I waited for the rain

The voice that kept me company fell silent as the years went slowly by
A winter crept into the void and filled up every space he left behind
And I grew old and grey, waiting in the snow
Had I lost the faith to hear or had the words grown silent on his tongue?
Watching the horizon, praying father would forget to raise the sun
Then on a Saturday, an answer to my prayer

The sidewalks cracked and split with vines, the cars collapsed to rusty skeletons
the skyline fell into the sea and flowers filled the footprints left behind
then water filled the roads of my neighborhood
I cried and felt the tears mix with the rainwater and pool around my feet
The ark rose from its moorings, past the rooftops, past the steeples, past the trees
towards an ocean sky, towards a brighter day

Water was witnessing
all around me
yellowed old photographs
float in the street
I thought about providence
says all that we have
are prayers forgotten
battened the hatch
Track Name: The Returning of the Doves
never will i anymore
40 days the water wept
leave gardenias by your door
through the kitchen up the steps
climb another dogwood tree
hold Eliza’s hand and pray
fall asleep along the beach
we will see another day

we wait
for the colors up above
the returning of the dove
but the water keeps falling

raindrops falling
father calling

never will i anymore
everything i brought with me
sweep your hair up from the floor
parsley, sage, and rosemary
magazines and cigarettes
chin up, brave, standing tall
lemonade and baby’s breath
mark your height along the wall

he waits
for his children up above
the returning of the doves
for the morning to start waking
Track Name: Fireworks
On the streets of the capitol
the fireworks echo and bloom
flowering down into reds
and then greens and then blues
and for a second I
could see your face

In that moment I saw
how the light caught the tears on your cheeks
You leaned your head onto my shoulder
and whispered to me
'How's life so beautiful
and yet so brief?'

Oh, I thought you knew
We are not the echoes of those firecrackers
we are the bloom
Track Name: Seeds
Listen Joanna, when I die
put flower blossoms over my eyes
and then that evening
unclip my wings
and carry me to the forest
to wish me a fond goodbye

Lay me on an autumn bed of leaves
and fill my pockets up with seeds
and with your gnarled hands
just clear some land
kiss me and
then bury me by that old maple tree

Then at night please softly pray
that when the roots wrap around my waist
that one day I'll be
at the heart of the
new maple tree
standing solo in that forest glade

And when you find your life complete
fill your pockets up with seeds
and then some evening
please come to me
and by my feet baby fall asleep
on an autumn bed of leaves

Then at night I'll softly pray
you'll wrap your arms around my waist
then when the morning comes
we'll blend to one
and face the sun standing solo in that forest glade

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