Good Luck Songs

by Daisy Chapman

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Good Luck Songs is Daisy's third full length studio album, all of which were recorded in Bristol by Ali Chant (PJ Harvey, John Parish, Gruff Rhys). Drawing comparisons from Nick Cave and Regina Spektor, Daisy's unique voice soars high over dramatic string arrangements and her own beautifully delivered 'Nymanesque' piano.
Still taking her dark lyrical cues from the likes of Leonard Cohen, this album offers a brighter tone than her previous releases, only hinting at the melancholy but maintaining its soul and warmth, noticeably the song 'Generation Next' is inspired by the younger artists moving up through the musical ranks in Bristol, a journey Daisy took herself when she moved to the city 19 years ago. Daisy continues to draw on both experience and history to form her stories - from the tragedy of ‘Idilia Dubb’, a girl who met her fate trapped up a tower in 1851, to the poignant reminiscence of old England in ‘I Used To Own An Empire’.

The album took longer than usual to record, mostly due to the fact she gave birth to a daughter in May 2016, but this didn't stop her working hard! She toured round Europe for a month with prog rockers Crippled Black Phoenix, and another month with her European quartet 'The Songbirds Collective', all whilst heavily pregnant. And later this year, Daisy will be travelling with them to Taiwan, taking her music further afield than ever before.

Expect beautiful music and harmony from its purest form, to its most voluminous as Daisy certainly knows how to craft a song and arrange the instrumentation so that the listener is constantly engaged.


released November 24, 2017


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Track Name: Good Luck Song (radio edit)
Sought a mantra to bring me luck
Cos I never thought I had enough
Find my moral causality
And the good will come back to me

Kila la kheri, fortuna

Fame and health and love and wealth
Four leaves that ward off my death
But kissing that chimney sweep
Left me with a blackened cheek

Did you paint the shutters blue?
Did a ladybird land on you?
See a penny and pick it up
Hand me that red envelope

Veel geluk, in bocca al lupo
Bon chance, de a na dobro (Да е на добро)
Pob lwc, subhakamana
Lycka till, Powodzenia
Track Name: Home Fires
Three noses pressed against the window
Three faces pushed against the glass
New socks pulled right up to my knees
Anticipation never lasts

Faster, faster Daddy faster!
Let the cold air burn my cheeks
Whipping ponytail behind me
Oh, this sledge ain’t built for three

Oh you can’t change the seasons
Stoke the fire and let it glow
Mother’s grieving for the summer
Children yearning for the snow

Gather wood and build a bonfire
Let’s see how high it can go
Taller, taller Daddy taller
Hope no hedgehogs make their homes below

Come in, come in the night is closing
Burning fingers, burning toes
Let mother wrap herself around us
Pull the curtains and windows closed

Will I start a generation?
Keep the home fires burning free
Will I carry on tradition?
Or will memories die with me
Oh you can’t change the seasons
Stoke the fire and let it glow
Mother’s grieving for the summer
Children yearning for the snow
Track Name: Settle Down
It started in spring
But ends with a letter which read
Without you I’m nothing
You tore it to pieces instead
And I put all my faith in the summer of love
Which then threw me away
At the change of the clocks
It’s a circus you said
And I’m just a spectre

You said, settle down

A sliverscreen moment
You took my hand in the dark
And our fledgling feelings
Matured in the beat of a heart
And I put all my faith in the white of your eyes
But the dark was a vortex
That sparked our demise
Behind a sheer curtain
There really is nowhere

To hide, settle down

You’re splitting the bill
And you’re changing my name
One week of silence
And I’m not the same
I’m heady with danger
Reliving my youth
But I’ve got a drawing board
To get back to.
Track Name: Generation Next
Well I’ve travelled California
Gilroy town to Monterey
Crossed San Bernardnio forests
To the shores of West LA
Reached the peaks of central Europe
To the flat lands of The Hague
But still there’s something calling me back home

To the old guy ordering water
Sipping bourbon from his pocket
To the girl who’s on before me
Hoping that she’s just got spotted
To that faint old stench of beer
From last night’s student party
I’m just making way for generation next

Make them tall, make them pretty
Let them grow old in this city
Let them learn from the misguided
And ignore advice as I did
Won’t make me feel small, make me unwell
If it did I’d run like hell
I’m just making way for generation next

Well a gaggling choir of school girls
Rolling papers on the dockside
While thirty-something hipsters
Shake off last night’s nitrous oxide
To the girl group chatting loudly
As my set succumbs to quicksand
Each of them proudly sporting
Last year’s festival wristband

And the yoga mums in the park
Are singing softly to their daughters
Nouveau vintage coffee caravan
Selling over-priced water
Graffiti’s up from ransom
It’s protected by the council
I’m just making way for generation next

This swing bridge city’s tailbacks
Keep hill dwellers from the centre
And the taxi queue at Temple Meads
Puts off the Welsh weekender
Seagulls stealing ice cream
From May through to September
I’m just making way for generation next
Track Name: I Used To Own An Empire
Well I once built a railway
It carved through the British Isles
Transforming trade and industry
Brought closer by the miles
Now the railway’s rack and ruin
And the sleepers are all sleeping
Thanks for nothing, Doctor Beeching.

Well I once dug a mine
I sent good men down there for coal
Blackened faces congregate
In spirit young and old
A community was born
And an industry got richer
Now its caving, thanks to Thatcher

To the detriment of some
And the benefit of others
We stood tall this
Merry band of brothers

Well I once owned a café
It sold coffee to the locals
Columbia’s second finest export
Flying off the shelves
Folks would congregate each day
The artisan would prosper
But then downfall, thanks to Costa

A country built on foreign soil
That’s how the west was won
But Icarus you’ve gone and flown
Too close to the sun

Well I once owned an Empire
Nations fell because of me
I banished their religions
Taught them Christianity
But the scheme became too costly
And we didn’t wanna fail
If you steal something and hand it back
Then you get all the praise
Track Name: Idilia Dubb
I’ve been waiting for so long
I’ve been crying for so long
Ten years I’ll wait here
Since my ascent
Til then the bird song
My only friend

Two swifts on the parapet
Bringing me no messages
As if the world’s deserted
As if I have gone deaf
I signal to the boatmen
But they just wave back at me
A steady course to Rotterdam
And me just certain death

Feels like I’ve been here all eternity
Father in heaven have mercy
My mouth’s dry, I’m tongue-tied
My hair’s in disarray
Am I just a sketch book
Up this rotten wooden stairway

I will be your siren
From Strasbourg to Koblenz
A ghostly voice on water
Bringing news of my distress
Bitter pains of hunger
Delirium of thirst
The sins of a past life bringing
More than I deserve

I thought I heard some voices
I thought you heard my cry
Is it my darling mother
Or the rock of Lorelei
I think about my funeral
It’s going to be so beautiful
On the shores of Scotland
The place that I call home

I’ve been crying for so long
I’ve been dying for so long
Track Name: The Decalogue
I am the hunter
And you are the haunted
Condemned by the whisky
The bitch and my victory
Cos I don’t fear the reaper
The reaper he fears me
Cos being an unbeliever
Gives immunity you see

Love no other god but me
Don’t make a shrine to worship me
Do not take my name in vain
And keep the Sabbath the holy day
Respect your parents do not kill
Don’t adulteries and do not steal
Don tell tales and do not lie
Do not covet your neighbour’s wife
Well I’ve loved more than one deity
And I’ve built a shrine to worship me
I’ve sworn and cursed and slept through Sunday
Whisky fuelled right through to Monday
Abused my parents’ bond so strong
And I’ve stolen someone else’s song
I’ve stolen words at any price
And coveted my neighbour’s life

To this bed I am not chained
Interest I have not feigned
Enemies I have not trained
To keep my tourniquet unstained

Of your spectre I’m afraid
Flashing blue lights on parade
We’ve agreed a greed is not
Necessarily what we need

To this bed I am not chained
Innocence I have maintained
Rising up you will be named
As of my sins ashamed
Track Name: There's A Storm Coming
There’s a storm, storm coming
There’s a storm, storm coming
There’s a storm, storm coming
Run little sister
There’s a storm, storm coming
Get out of the water

Close all the windows and
Close all the doors
There’s a storm coming coming
Get down on the floor
Gonna pitter patter down
On our tin roof
Get the doggy in the bed
And the chickies in the coop

You’d be right if you started itchin
The rats were in the cellar now they’re
Crawling round the kitchen
Call in you sons and call in your daughters
There’s a storm coming coming
I feel it in the water
Gotta call in your sister
Gotta call in in your bother
Gotta crawl in the bedroom
Get under the covers
And the lady next door she
Runs for the cellar
Til the whole damned village
Is out of the weather

Electricity, can’t you feel it
My skin it tingles and
The sweat it trickles
And my head is heavy heavy
On my shoulders
Too hot, hot, hot to mention
Static hypotension
Take my body in prevention
Til every tiny hair stands up to attention

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