"Songs Without A Purpose"

by Johnny Parry



released January 1, 2016


all rights reserved



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Track Name: If I Was A Killer
If I was a Killer

If I was a killer babe,
Would you let me pray for you at night,
Sing how I'd treat you right.

Would you go to the funeral,
Would you shed all your skin of me and leave,
Swear you'll never grieve.

July, July won't you let me die.

If you knew I bred demon spawn,
Would you cherish, mother and nurture them,
Breast feed them my venom.

If you knew that God hated me,
Would you wield all your wrath to set me free,
Let me burn with dignity.

Goodbye my darling,
Goodbye my sweetest sin.
Track Name: Hotel Floor
Hotel Floor

So I run at you in flames,
With my tragedy and shit,
I think that your to blame,
For not indulging it.

I'll walk around but won't die,
I'll embrace you to burn,
Then I'll sleep with your body,
Then it turned out I was gonna be alright.

A generous mass of bones,
We wade around in smoke,
Across this hotel floor.

I hold on to you like a cliff,
And entice you into my death bed,
Remind you that i'll miss you,
Love you 'til I choke.

The grieving hotel floor,
Has seen it all before,
I'll dress you up in meat,
And then tell you that it is gonna be alright

A generous mass of bones,
We wait around and smoke,
Across this hotel floor.

Wait with me for the credits to roll.
Track Name: Lucy´s Little Brother
Lucy's Little Brother

I can see you driving home with your trinity,
I can see you driving home with a waltz,
I can see you driving home with all that you need,
I can see you driving home like it's mean't to be.
Track Name: You Who Braved The Storm
You Who Braved The Storm

You who braved the storm,
The storm so warm,
The storm that makes us believe,
In anything we can to make us whole,
To make us at like we are growing from within,
Through others sin,
It was an act of god we can not pay,
You signed in blood,
When you were drunk,
So we suggest the silent rage approach,
And bitterness,
And don't forget to read that book,
I was telling you about.

So now we stay up late,
We have a glass,
We have a glass full of flocks of birds,
We get them down,
All down in one,
And make a toast involving love,
Involving life,
And make a quote,
A poets quote that references seasons,
I love the seasons,
We make a joke,
So friggin' funny I think,
We're alright,
Lets stay up all night,
On this kitchen floor for tomorrow,
We can make it on our own.
Track Name: Sigfried And Eileen
Siegfried And Eileen

He was a solider at sea,
Bounded against all that howl,
Right through her moon,
Sugar coated doom and gloom,
Made for two,
Politely through a tale,
That sweetly tells me
with pride and forgiveness...

That death do they part,
Death do they part,
And death do they part.

Siegfried and Eileen stand proud,
Through the stampeding heard of the crowd,
That burdens each step,
Up to the hill and beyond,
They wait their turn,
And ask for nothing,
It all seems so simple
for a wise man and a healer.
Track Name: Sweet Nothings
Sweet Nothings

Great crowds of sorrow,
Barely seen beneath the wheat,
The cities falls upon you,
And open beneath your feet.

So hide just hide in my tower,
I'll feed you and beat you to a pulp,
Lock up your lovers in the ocean,
With your demon spawn, a tomb stone and a rose.

Hurl your bones to the dogs with glee,
And open your sinful little mouth,
Whisper sweet nothings to the chapel gates,
Question nothing and forget all you've learnt.

So drive, just drive to the place you met,
And carve yourself into the Mother's arms,
Your beloved with return any moment now,
Just keep waiting and waiting till the end.
Track Name: The Getaway Horse
The Getaway Horse

I let my feet feel the heat of the road,
Cause when my palms hit the station,
I know christ will be waiting
For an offering,
I lost as a boy,
Unfurl and furl against a precipice.

I sleep in the furnace of my car,
Where i will not go far except miles,
Through the seas and the deserts,
To endeavour to forget the ideas of home,
And i won't even think about writing.

I will invest your snowy body in ground,
And i will replace all I love with song.

Great swarms of bees hit the shores,
Of a town where I stay ,
and remove all I've done ,
and evolve to the shape of a woman ,
embracing the spire,
She's so beautiful and beautiful and evil.

Curled up in the corner of a bar,
speaking tongues to a glass,
about things I don't know,
or can show to an audience
that cheer as I fall of my stool,
I don't mind because I am blind to everything.
Track Name: Little Prayer No. 5
Little prayer No.5

With these hands I surrender,
My wounds,
Love embedded in my cruel,
Cast away this withered willow,
I can make it on my own.

Tethered harness,
Holds me up still,
Faith can trust this,
Fortified will.

Lovers that love,
Others that sin,
Mothers that sink,
Fathers that drink,
Through hospital walls.

Heads that unhinge,
Butchers that binge,
Crawlies that creep,
Illness that seeps,
Through Faith into snow.

Children that need,
Canvas that bleed,
Heroes that fall,
Demons that call,
Through all that you've left.

Soft wrists that split,
Heaving through brick,
Fables that melt,
Hands that are dealt,
From Hades and co.
Track Name: Little Prayer No. 6
Little Prayer No.6

Meet me by the church,
Say goodbyes and let me spill my tears,
Place me in our jar,
First let me catch your precious cheek.

So i'll take you to my bloody grave,
Seal these bones all around your name.

I'll take this love home,
Take these hands from around my neck,
Placed closely upon your spine,
Love will laugh at this sentimental man.

So i'll take you to my bloody grave,
Seal these bones all around my name.

So i'll take you to my bloody grave,
Seal these bones all around my name,
An' i love the way that you brought me back,
An' i love you like i'm always sad.
Track Name: A Love Song
A Love Song

The breeze hits my sorrow like a bird,
As I walk to your house babe,
You smile when you cry babe,
But i know this guy,
Who lies awake still,
And we know he could kill.

So please let my feet step,
Off this curb,
As the cars can not touch me,
Death, death and love,
Love and death,
Death love and death,
Love death and love.

"Cause I love the birds,
And I love the trees,
And I love the moon,
And I love the countryside.

So please be my princess and I'll be yours,
As I kick through the leaves babe,
I'll forget that I grieve babe,
Hell tee hee ha! is not for me,
'cause I'.m by your side babe,
And i drown through the tide babe,

And now I'm on your doorstep,
With a bouquet of song babe,
And I will act like a winner,
And you won't know better,
But we'll both know that I'm a saint,
Through perspex and paint,
And that should be great fine,
Although I'm a fake babe.

So feed me all your skin right through my straw,
And I'll burst when you slit me,
And I'll thirst come curse when you kiss me,
But i know that death awaits for her lover,
Awaits for her kin.

I love the...
Birds, trees, moon, countryside
rain, their bows, the clouds, snow
my mule, my home, the view, the sea
dream, sky, stars, New York
Paris, spring, my ghost, my womb
my friends, my blood, my dog, my demon spawn
my God, his son, the mother, the pieta
T.V, books, the skin, you babe.

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