"Morning Comes"

by Someday Jacob

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Someday Jacob: Music written, played and sung by a man called Joern Schlueter from Bremen, North Germany. The forthcoming „Morning Comes“ (out October 2011 through Songs&Whispers/Cargo) is his full-length debut. There are thirteen songs on that album, all of them can be called Singer-Songwriter or Indie-Folk or Folkpop. Schlueter has been writing songs for a number of years, sometimes for himself, sometimes for others. With Someday Jacob Schlueter is as close as it gets to the music he loves. Some of these tunes echo Paul Simon, others echo the craftsmanship of artists like Neil Finn and Ron Sexsmith.
During these last two years, friendships were built. Someday Jacob became a band, and as part of the Songwriter's network Songs&Whispers (also a record label), Schlueter started touring with many great bands from the UK like Viarosa, The Epstein, Daisy Chapman, Johnny Parry Trio, Buzzard Lope as well as german artists like Robert Carl Blank, Arne Kopfermann and Sara Lorenz. On „Morning Comes“, some of those friends are at work, e. g. Richard Neuberg (Viarosa), Nadja Rüdebusch (Binoculers) and Fiona Brice (Midlake, Placebo).


released October 14, 2011


all rights reserved



"SONGS & WHISPERS" Bremen, Germany

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Track Name: Easter
I'm burning a thousand letters a thousand letters so I won't know
Cause all of those memories haunt me they truly haunt me won't let me go
But I'm not what I have been but what I will be
And I'm not what I have seen but what I will see

So I am collecting papers and documentaries of days to come
My drawer's full of picture postcards sent from the future with kind regards
I have a bird called Easter she makes me sing
Her tunes I do believe in and the hope she brings

So Easter she's been to places to distant places at least she says
Her cage is translucent silver but you can't see that at least not yet
I could not have come to choose her For she chose me
She seemed like a good companion a good companion so I agreed
Track Name: Crossing Over Jordan
Let's take a ride before the night is through
We pack our backs there's nothing else to do
We saw ourselves in the corner of our eyes
A fleeting glimpse made to pass us by
But now we're crossing over Jordan
Would you believe
The promised land's a juke box
And it plays for free
We're safe to take our minds off
The treacherous mirage
We're making ground at last
We're going in
For twenty years you wore your puzzled frown
Like you've lost your keys and they can't be found
Or like you find yourself on some foreign star
You look around but you don't know where you are

Oh God of Grace in whom we're all received
How could we miss the forest among the trees
How could we go and build our house on sand
We heard the word but we did not understand
Track Name: Storyline
If you go shouldn't you say so
Is there anybody left to fool
If you know shouldn't we somehow
Did you break the Golden Rule

Can I have a word ore we giving in
Do we still believe in some sort of plan
Are we holding on or letting go
Shouldn't we somehow know

The days have come like cargo trains
Carrying our doily load of good news to proclaim
But now the stories hove run dry
It's seems we've lost our way

Got a heart got on intention
Is there anything else I need
Got a home heavenly mansion
Still the years hove come like thieves

Everyone is loaded like o gun
Every. one is longing to belong
Are we nearly there or going astray
Is there anywhere we can stay

You've been waiting in line for your time to come
Now your time has come and it looks like you might come undone
Did you leave the storyline or were you left behind
Anyway you'd better be making up your mind
Track Name: When The Morning Comes
When the morning comes
I won't knew where-I belong
With my head in the clouds
Not so sure what I am all about
I am no family man
I gave up on too many dreams
The oblivion's obscene
It's to or fro but I'm in between

I will be settling in Nowhere Town
Eventualities keep coming around
I make my home in Halfway There
But my hope is on Everywhere

I'm burning the daze
I hope I won't be too late
Too late for what will ever be
The train is gone
But the fare's long been payed

When the morning comes
I hope I found my place
It's an unpleasant life
To sit and dwell on supposed mistakes
Track Name: Days Like These
We often go to Feed our restless souls
We're ever hungry why we do not know
Then we turn around and find we've gone astray
In our own charade

Ain't it funny how you don't even disagree
We're playing blind man's bluff but we're nowhere near you see
We're looking for the right thing at the wrong end
It's time to make some sense

In the back of my head I have a vague memento of where I need to go

I lay my burden down
Cause I have reason to believe
If I turn this ship around I'm gonna find some sweet relief
From the cold and the dark and the lonely days at sea
To that mercyful shore where you will wait for me
On days like these

I look at you I'm searching for o sign
Am I here with you or did I fall behind
We go from place to place to have our fill
But we're hungry still

Take me back lead me home I am the wayward son
I am yours you are mine at least that's what I believe
On days like these
Track Name: Big On The Big Parade
You and me we made our way through thick and thin ·
We battled with the stars wondering who we are
With bruised and battered hearts we lie down with the dogs
But we know our time will come · And no it won't be long · Because we know
We are wiser than philosophy
Sound so much better than your symphony
We are stronger than a hundred men
Know better stories than ol' Brautigan
We'll come greater than Charles The Great
We'll be big on the big parade

We've been beaten down and left beside the tracks
But we're shaking off the mud
We'll be coming out on top
And we were told that every dark will have it's day
And we will surely wait
Until fortune comes our way in the end

Our friends set out to kill the giants of the east
They're masters of their game How glorious their name
We stand behind applauding all their mighty schemes
We have no such tale to tell
But still we will prevail in the end
Track Name: Rain
I speak a language that nobody heard
I've written a book but I forgot every word
You say my name like you know me well
Like my secrets are easy to tell
Me and my mule we have come a long way
Could use some sleep but we have nowhere to stay
Sometimes it seems like our quest is in vain
Like we're in for some pointless game
But then you rain rain rain, you fall on me golden
With your love and grace I'm finally sober
When you hold me now it feels like forever
And you speak like the silent wind
I love your name God, how I love your name
I feed my little fires on everlasting flame
When all is said and everything is done
You'll still be the only one
Track Name: Wasn't It Today
Wasn't n today you were going to leave me and break free
But you stayed for some obvious lack of bravery
We we're one of a kind we believe that choice is the ultimate thief
You claim to be right but you know you're deceivedIt doesn't mean a thing if we spin one more round your leaving
My hand once good for holding you down is weakening
Hey you'll soon be on top of your game
And though now you're numb with the pain
All that is cut will be growing again

I knew that this day would arrive
I knew you were strong to survive
Is this really how it's going to end
Is all we hod written in sand
It's driving me out of my mind
Cause if you leave
Who am I going to be
Track Name: Wheather Man
Eyes wide shut as if we didn't now the score
Stumbling blind os if we hadn't been here before
We have our arms have our legs why don't we use them now the tide is turning
Open doors open hearts why don't we make our move and walk on water now

Wrong side up this is not how it's meant to be
Fast way out they're never ever going to believe

Our time has finally come
The curtain's cut in two
We know it can be done
A new day's coming through
Change our name the only thing that's left to do
Against the groin of everything we're used to
Track Name: Wrong Side Up
Her moods were changing faster
Than a bullet learns to fly
We were heading for disaster everyday
Slipping by and by
Up the stairs on o Saturday listening to the radio play I wait
The weather man's a liar but who am I to say

I made my mind up
I held my head up
I would Iearn to see the world she sees

I remember well the morning of the day
You did not wake from sleep
The wound of which you were dying
Had never seazed to bleed
The house is still the women weep
Children trying to believe you're gone
The drama's not the dying but the life you did not get to lead

We make our choices for what the prize is
Ain't it all a mighty tragedy

Tell your story for all to hear
Make all those moments reappear
Give witness to the burning that consumed the family
It's time to hear you speak
Track Name: This Time We Have
The sun is tired with its moon
The stage is bored with its actors playing
I stopped loving you too soon
We could have made this travesty worth staying
But I recall we were never quite as good as we thought we'd be
We always knew we should make the best of the time we have
But we did not know how
I rub the sand out of my eyes
Can't seem to see straight how things really are
A case of laziness and lies
I'm a busload of travellers going nowhere
This car will need someone to drive
This gun will need someone to pull the trigger
I should have held you really tight
Instead I made my big mistake even bigger
Track Name: Fountain Years
When I was a little child I had a fever
The world wore its funny veil I could not believe her
The fever's gone, the veil it stayed with me until this very day
What would you do where would you hide to see you through

I turn every stone and mark all treason
I chill to the bone but rhyme their reason
I climb my mountain and dream of the fountain years

It took us a year or two to finally get started
I always believed in you I knew where your heart is
You're near you're far you keep me warm but then you are the distant star
But there you are holding me when I fall apart

When I Turn every stone and mark all treason
I chill to the bone but rhyme their reason
I climb my mountain and dream of the fountain years

The four chambers of the heart remain to be opened
The doors give a little now but the chains are unbroken
When I'm cold and blind and shake with rage
You soothe my troubled mind and say
We'll turn every stone and mark all treason
We'll burn every bridge and rhyme all reason
We'll climb our mountain and dream of the fountain years
We'll dream of the fountain years

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