"Fields & Birds & Things"

by Johnny Parry



released January 1, 2012


all rights reserved



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Track Name: Keep Kicking & Screaming
Keep Kicking And Screaming

And my feet,
Ripped from the ground,
As I ran and hid,
Within the crowd,
From the sun,
Which shook the horizon,
But the Medusa head,
Of the night was rising,
And I fled to a cave,
And prayed for sleep,

But the scorn of the dawn,
Was beginning to seep,
And the daybreak broke me,
Like a little twig,
And with an ounce of strength,
I continued to live,
And the Ouroboros clocks,
Continued to chime,
And Ra made it clear,
That my soul was not mine.

I will still go kicking and screaming,
With my head high and a hat.
Track Name: Rebuild It Piece By Piece
Rebuild It Piece By Piece

We know worse things have happened at sea,
We know the truth will set us free,
Yes, we’ll turn our frowns upside down,
For what goes around will come around.

It’s not over ‘til the fat lady sings,
Hold fast for love will give you wings,
Fall seven times and stand up eight,
As fortune will favour the brave.

Home is where the heart is,
So stop and smell the roses,
Count your blessings in disguise,
As lies make baby Jesus cry.

You’re a temple so say NO to drugs,
Crack is whack, there’s only love,
Life is short so seize the day,
Look deep inside, you’ll find your way.

Just do it, listen to your heart,
It’s not the winning it’s the taking part,
There are no prizes for second place,
Not everything in life’s a race.

Go down swinging and fight the good fight,
Man up and put the world to rights,
Early to bed early to rise,
Makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.

Drive it like you stole it,
Soul meets soul on lovers’ lips,
Dance like there is no-one watching,
There is always fields and birds and things.

If life gives lemons make lemonade,
Where there’s a will there is a way,
Every good boy deserves food,
Deep down everybody is good.

Triumph over adversity,
Life is like a bowl of cherries,
It’s what inside that counts for,
Love is blind, it cannot rain all the time.

If at first you don’t succeed,
Plough on for there’s no time to bleed,
The darkest hour is just before the dawn,
So take the bull by the horns.

Throw caution to the seven winds,
No regrets for everybody wins,
To a friend’s house the way is never long,
You cannot put a price on love.

So wear your heart on your sleeve,
There are plenty more fish in the sea,
Never say never and follow your dreams,
Fly like a bird and spread your wings.
Track Name: Little Prayer No 14
Little Prayer No.14

Now that you're gone,
Please tell me that I'm wrong,
For loving you,
For not loving you.

These conjugal visits,
Mist the old exhibits,
Keep running us down in the ground,
I know the prologue said,
I know the script was read,
But I need you as I lose you.

So if it's all finished,
Then why do I visit,
Our gravestone and find that you're there?
We're digging up,
As it's filling up,
We know that it's dead,
Our love the zombie.
Track Name: Men Will Hang
Men Will Hang Again

Take my hand,
Hold tightly,
For there's just you and me,
Perfect our evil laugh,
So they'll know it was us.

Men will hang,
By our hands,
We will be mercy free,
Lose no sleep,
Take to bed,
We can love,
Once they're dead.

Armies will rise against
All we've done with no sense,
Of why we did all we did,
We'll pray/tell once in Hell,
Till then we'll steal some wheels,
We'll lay low in Mexico.

Change our names,
Dye our hair,
Shave our beards,
Wear fake beards,
Migrate south,
Sleep in fields,
Feed on birds,
Disown our things,
Love conquers all I'm told,
So who cares if we grow old.

They will cry,
They will scream,
We'll get caught eventually,
Laws of men,
Laws of God,
Aren't for us, we're beyond,
All is fair in love and death,

Men will hang us one day,
At that point we'll be saved,
Bonnie and Clyde will subside,
‘Neath our tale where we'll prevail,
As the love,
Love is good,
So we are good.
Track Name: Lucy, Isabella & I
Lucy Isabella & I

Lucy Isabella can you see,
My waking vividly through fiction?
Still with you as my chance,
To make Amens, to make amends,
About this town.

Lucy Isabella my mistakes are for you,
Hollow gifts to teach you,
Unborn child I'll save you,
From my sin for you to win,
About this town.

Why do you haunt me away from sleep?

Lucy Isabella you’re with me,
And that’s all there is to say,
I conceived you and now I pray child,
You'll be true child,
Though my regrets I dare not forget,
About this town.

You breathe through me,
Padre crazy,
God knows I need you,
So why do you haunt me,
Away from sleep?

Lucy Isabella I wish I,
Was just like you are of me,
Slowly born from my piano,

Through my fears,
To make amends,
To be the good,
About this town.
Track Name: God Still Loves Me
God Still Loves Me

I have friend,
I have blood,
I have a heart that pumps this corpse,
For walks and potentially run.

I have fields,
I have birds,
I have the things that bring illusions,
That you’re by my side.

I cannot see you,
I cannot feel you,
Sometimes I need you,
So if you’re feeling less illusive,
It'll be conducive to faith.

You let me swan dive,
You let my dog die,
You let my boat sink,
You turned me to drink,
God still loves me.

I have arms,
I have feet,
They express me grotesquely,
As they flail to inaudible beats.

I have journeys,
I have wheels,
I have a licence for science,
And a prerogative to hold disbelief.

Yes I can feel your wrath,
As I choose the wrong path,
Surely it’s what you want,
Or you would make me,
Far more stately and good.

You let my soul mourn,
You let the bugs swarm,
You let the ice melt,
You let belt be felt,
God still loves me.
Track Name: Love & Death Will Hunt You Down
Love And Death Will Hunt You Down

I made my home in this deep dark well,
But was evicted by the high priestess,
The city spews out all it’s priceless charms,
Expelling patience for the dark old dogs.

Now my illness blooms with resentful peace,
Now banished to the light.

And it turns out love will hunt you down,
And it turns out love will hunt you down,
Like a crook, like a boar,
like a whale washed up upon the shore.

Now this deep dark well may be consumed in dark,
But this new love has the potential for death,
Forcing resolute of a proper man,
Capable of anything,
Including anything including deep fresh wounds.

Now this soul was saved but against its will,
And trembles naked for them all to judge.

And it turns out love will hunt you down,
And it turns out love will hunt you down,
Like a crook, like a boar,
Like a whale washed up upon the shore.

I made my home in this deep dark love,
Simply left to pray that love won’t send me back,
To the deep dark well where I found my name.
Track Name: Love & Death
Love and Death

It's joyous and it's awful,
This bleak that I have brought you,
But it's yours and it was mine to give.
My wrath and my tether,
Have teamed up together,
To love you through and through.

I'll wield a great big stick like a sword,
And I'll chase all the birds from your grave,
I'm so brave,
And them I'll eat them.
I'll run naked through the street,
And I'll scare all the children,
Just to grovel at your feet,
And to taste your forgiveness.

Loving you is much, much better than death.

I'll dress up all cute,
In a bumble bee suit,
And when you hint at a smile,
I'll lunge for your loins.
And if you feel you must beat me,
Or simply mistreat meet me,
Then let me know and I'll tie myself up.

I'll hold you so tight,
I'll give your eyes pretty names,
And I'll follow you in the night just to
see you in court.

I'll send you letters every day,
From the cell where I stay,
That I'll soil in different ways,
And tattoo your face on my cunt.

Loving you is much, much better than death.
Track Name: More Fields & Birds & Things
More Fields and Birds and Things

There once was death,
But now there’s love,
And fields and birds and things,
So take me in your thighs
Track Name: Find Your Way Home
Find Your Way Home

You’ll hear a full choir,
Singing your love requiem,
As you ride through,
Great fields with birds and things.

You’ll find your way home,
Through a tunnel he provides,
You’ll find your way home,
With me left behind.

You’ve lost your words,
And we’re left with but three,
That we love you.

You’ll find your way home,
Through a tunnel he provides,
You’ll find your way home,
With me left behind,
You’ll find your way home,
On a steed that you ride,
You’ll find your way home,
With God’s speed in each stride
You’ll find your way home,
It’s the girl that survived,
You’ll find your way home,
In our Father you confide,
You’ll find your way home,
Throw your woes to the tide,
You’ll find your way home,
The great resort in the sky,
You’ll find your way home,
Unphased that you’ve died,
You’ll find your way home,
To be embraced by your tribe
You’ll find your way home,
Still the queen of our pride,
You’ll find your way home,
There’s no need for goodbyes,
You’ll find your way home,
We have been notified,
You’ll find your way home,
It’s okay that we cried.

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