"Break Your Little Heart"

by Johnny Parry



released January 1, 2004


all rights reserved



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Track Name: Brave and Good
Brave and Good

Who broke my hold on all the birds? I did my best again.
Brave in this koala space. I taste everyone.
Please, please just this once shape me from glass.
I saw a shooting star. It was the best, the first.
It, it feels so great to think of angels fade to white.
Stay with this sentimental me and be.
Everyone is brave and good.
Track Name: Burried in Leaves
Buried In Leaves

I heard your scared, well don’t be scared.
Burst into the bar. I heard that you fear me.
I heard that you run. Roll on down, my child. I’m buried in leaves near you.

Go! Don’t hurt my child. We’ll pay you in toys.
We’ll hold your hand. Don’t hurt my child.

Test you you’ll be brave.
I hope you don’t know it’s raining.
You’ll look to beautiful wet.
And your always alright.
We can hide in the snow.
You won’t even know that you should be sad.
Track Name: Keepsake

Careful baby, keepsake, your safe, my arms.
Curl up, footbirds, sheltered, mother, my child.
Our blood, our skin, your breast, my kin, your arms.
Foetus twins, curled lover, keepsake, your safe, my arms.
My daughter in my womb. Curled up with me. My sister
taste each lip....and go back to my maternal lover....and go back to my home.
Track Name: Little Ghost
Little Ghost

“It’s alright my little ghost, I know your a little lost. You never felt so good. We still love when you go boo!”
Track Name: Paws

I am a bear and if ask for a glass of whatever is going just put it between my paws.
With every dance there’s a bear at the back with a beautiful little smile singing how good that this has happened to me.
When my shit goes funky I always stay high.
Whenever i fall down and break I’ll make a bad joke.
I love my bear he carries me about in my brave little saddle and jumps over all on coming cars.
Everyone all follow us along with wounds and a song as we stride up and down every dangerous hill.
When my shit goes funky I always stay high.
Whenever i fall down and break,
I’ll make a bad joke write a sad song and wander back down my yellow brick road.
Track Name: Attached to a Ghost
Attached to a Ghost

Forsake us with faith.
Lay down our palms.
Protect us from harm.
Paint backgrounds of grace.
You favour our poems.
Cherish how we’re not like you.
Inspire us to roam.
Be there to show we’re alone.

We flood your final gasp.
Lost for words without a brave word.
Full of pride without sin.
Away from home I know home.

With traces of white behind every step.
Attached to a ghost.
With holding our hand.
You favour our poems.
Cherish how we’re not like you.
Inspire us to roam.
Be there to show we’re alone.
Track Name: Our Fathers Carousel
Our Fathers Carousel

I fear all the robots. I’m a clown on a god like stage.
Christmas decorations remain my best friend.
I love the way you laugh at me and i search for forgiveness in your bright red train, with the father of a a religious carousel.

I change with the times. I’m a righteous old freak.
Business meetings under my quilt. Sail to the north pole with me.
On the edge of my bed secluded in my cave, in my cupboard after sin.

Eyes to the sun to open to grey.
My black and white movie star Indenting the grass beside me.
I’ll ask her to marry me.
Now that we’re in Russia I’ll impress her with my brand new bicycle of perfection.

I’m gonna love you like the blessed mother.
With blood on my chest.
When we’re big and strong we’ll pull you back up the stairs.
Just so my children may do the same.
Track Name: Little Prayer No. 1
Little Prayer No.1

If you feel cold,
Come back inside,
Cause the elephant in the room will catch you,
From the idiots carousel that came of my hook,
Now we can wait and pray for forgiveness.
Track Name: Break You Little Heart
Break Your Little Heart

Someone to cry me to sleep because my day was to beautiful.
Somewhere to fall down and weep. Travel around in each womb.
The sun makes remembrance of day. One day we’ll be big and strong.
I’ll protect, I’ll protect and protect. Watch you gasp at my sun.

Take care baby bear. I got you on my shoulders.
I’ll be holy as you break your little heart.

I’m gonna hold you my sweet babe.
I’m gonna rock you my precious darling.
I’m gonna pray with you blessful child.
Love you my Jesus.

For now i’ll be still breakable.
Grow eyelids that rest on your name.
Arm myself with wisdom to meet you of your train.

Take care baby bear. I got you on my shoulders.
Each womb sleeps sweet as i fall back into the warm.

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