"An Anthology Of All Things"

by Johnny Parry



released January 1, 2014


all rights reserved



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Track Name: Movement I - Things I Like About Myself
Movement I - Things I Like About Myself

I am six feet tall,
I'm giving and sharing,
I thank god for my voice,
I have a manly beard,
Inner bliss gives me love,
My body's pre-Raphaelite.

I can touch, my nose with my tongue,
I'm healthy young at heart,
I'm listening and teaching,
I really do try hard.

I am great in every way,
I like every thing about me,
I'm wonderful fully blessed,
I wouldn't change any thing about me,
Because I am me.
Track Name: Movement II - A Song For Someone
Movement II - A Song For Someone

Eleanor, I'll tie her to me come sum mer,
Jolene, I think my weakness is showing,
Oh Sarah, I can't wait till you turn and say,
Oh Marie, turn your face to me,
Susie, she 'aint what she used to be,
Emily, a narcotic driven wreck,
Ophelia, sweet Ophelia May,
Audrey sweet Audrey Lee.

Zoe tell me how do you feel a bout Jed?
Jimmy is all the rage but can't be saved,
Pamela's father as never been heard from since,
Carol keeps telling me I've got a friend,
Hey Lenny I heard you're coming back to me.

Samantha I'm sorry I didn't walk that line,
Freya was always enough to get me through,
Larry stands frozen in terror,
Jenny can we take a ride,

Joe is a magician that works behind the bar,
Jenny can we take a ride?
Oh John, oh please oh John,
Kate had got it screwed right,
Cindy says I keep dreaming awake.

Eleanor I'll tie her to me come summer,
Jolene I think my weakness is showing,
Oh Sarah, I can't wait till you turn and say,
Oh Marie, turn your face to me,
Song for Bea that I wrote where we lay,
Bevan deserves a song but does n't have one.
Track Name: Movement III - Childhood Heroes
Movement III - Childhood Heroes

He can climb on roofses,
He was really strong,
Because he could drag people,
He's a goody and he do's a web,
And he pushes his leg and then he shoots, he shoots someone,
He is strong he's like big old strong and is strong,
Um good he can fight, he's blue,
He can get a web and chase people,
With his builders hat on,
He can make spells he can run fast.

She takes care of me she buys me what I want,
And she doesn't let anything happen to me,
She kind to me she does my hair,
She help me and she bought me shorts,
She does stuff for you she's really kind,
Whenever some one does something to me she tells them off,
And she never let's me starve.

When he had to stop the train he was strong,
He throws fire balls and he, he does all this to save a princess,
And he is always good cause he got web,
He moved some stones,
He can fly really high right up to the sky,
He has a magic broomstick,
Cause he can fly and do super things,
He's got a flying car,
His clothes are red top and bottom.

She's got five friends and counting her that is six,
She can save any one no matter what,
She helps people like if they are about to fall in a river,
She helps them quickly and she is laughing,
She always helps me with my work,
She makes me lunch and food,
She has any kind of power,
She got powers she is pretty,
She risked her life to save the world,
She got magic, she is cool,
And she saves the world from evil.

He can spin webs and I really like him,
He is so brave and he has a brother,
He make coffee an he's a builder,
He plays good and he’s my favorite.

They helped my sister when hit by a truck,
If they give you medicine they they can can help and they can save people,
And they took my teeth out,
And we know a long about it,
Does this and goes down and puts a hole,
With blue in middle with am M on,
Squashes flies and went all the way to Saudi Arabia,
And weave people and guess who helps.
Track Name: Movement IV - 1942
Movement IV - 1942

I was evacuated into the same house,
As the man that I would go on to marry,
We had a cake, made from cardboard,
But in side there was, a small real cake.

It was the first time I heard Vera Lynn,
I was collecting papers and magazines in a pram.

On thee horizon I saw the glow,
Of Manchester burn,
From the window I saw a beautiful night sky,
Coventry on fire.

We were evacuated from ballet,
I cried every night but the head mistress was kind.

We all ran to the pantry under the stairs,
There was no room but we thought it was fun.

My brother was born in a thunder storm,
My dad had me on his shoulders legs around round his neck.

We had to turn all the lights off at night,
My uncle he made me pray every day.

A friend of mine was blown across the road,
Cycling from school doodle bugs over head in the fog.

No sweetie shops,
Night after night bombs dropped
The vibrations stopped,
My mother’s chiming clock.

Dad was allowed to come home,
We slept under the table,
A man parachuted in to thee garden next door

We had a cake made from cardboard,
But inside there was a small real cake.
Track Name: Movement V - Park Benches
Movement V - Park Benches

Loving wife and mother,
They lived for those they loved,
In loving memory of my brave wife,
Fell asleep.

Rest with me, come sit a while,
I'm always with you,
Do not be sad.

Please sit and enjoy the view,
Who for fifty years loved this river,
She died beside it,
Dear sister aunt and friend.

Who spent many hours walking her dogs,
Hours walking and painting,
My beautiful creative daughter,
Who spent many happy afternoons,
Here with her family and her ice cream,
Who, with their dog Tim, loved to walk here,
Loved and remembered always.
Track Name: Movement VI - Romantic Statements
Movement VI - Romantic Statements

I miss you like the ground,
The rest is white noise baby,
I'm missing you like sleep,
You ground me like an old song.

I love your smell,
I could pick you blind folded,
My name is car,
Let me park in your garage.

I am a cat, you are my lap,
I am a dog, you are my bone,
I am the bird, you are my nest,
I am the bee, you're my honey,
I am the heart, you're my flutter,
I am the head, you are my heart,
I am the hand, you are my glove,
I'm the finger, you are my ring.

Show me how to love you,
We are a two piece jigsaw,
I love you by the way,
Ask me to leave everything.
I'll send the heavy footed spider,
To ease your weary body,
My darling.

I am a cat, you are my lap,
I am a dog, you are my bone,
I am the horse, you're my pasture,
I am the cow, you are my maid,
I am the tea, you are my cup,
I am the quest, you are my grail,
I am the map, you're the treasure,
I'm the diamond, you're my best friend.

Evening out on my own,
I meet a young lady,
The apple of my eye,
Whom I married, but sadly,

She died in a terrible road accident,
I still think of, this the greatest romance.

I am a cat, you are my lap,
I am a dog, you are my bone,
I am the bird, you are the nest,
I am the bee, you're my honey.

I wanted to feed you,
You have a lovely bum dear,
That was a good nights sleep,
Without you I'm nothing.

I am a goat, you're my mountain.
I am the lamb, you are my spring,
I am the moth, you are my flame,
I am the match, you are the fire,
I am the war, you are the peace,
I am the worm, you are the book,
I am the soil, you are the seed,
I am the tree, you are my roots.

No matter how far,
You are I'll still hold you,
Close in my heart,
Please don't leave me,
I love you.

I am the leaf, you are my vine,
I am a plant, you are my rain,
I am the rain, you are my bow,
I am the bow, you're violins.

I'm an arrow, you are my bow,
I'm a castle, you are my moat,
I'm the princess, you are my frog,
I am the night, you are the stars.

Did it hurt when you fell from heaven?
Does God know he's missing an angel?
I am not trying to impress you but I'm Bat-man.
I've lost my number, can I have yours?
I hurt myself from falling for you,
That's a lovely dress it would look better on my floor.

I am a wolf, you are my moon,
I'm a spaceman, you're my rocket,
I'm V. H. S. you are my tape,
I am T. V. you're my dinner.

How d'you like your eggs in the morning?
Knock me up some breakfast before I knock you up,
Did the sun come out or did you just smile?
If you were homework I would do you,
If you like me 079 me,
If you were a door I would bang on you all day long.

I am the soup, you are my stock,
I am the pea, you are my pod,
I'm the chicken, you are the egg,
I am the drum, you are the stick.

I am a dog, you are my bone,
I am a cat, you are my lap,
I am the mouse, you are my hole,
I'm a kitten, you are my tom,
I am the spawn, you are my womb,
I am Kanga, you are my Roo,
I am tobacco, you are my pouch,
I'm cigarettes, you're the warning,
I am the nail, you are my cross,
I'm the pilgrim, you are my cross,
I am the hope, you are my faith,
I'm the sinner, you are my sin,
I am the perv', you're my top shelf,
I am the pain, you are my whip,
I am the ‘tash, you are my wax,
I'm the collar, you are my lead.

I am a dog, you are my bone,
I am a cat, you are my lap,
I am your snail, you are my trail,
I'm your squirrel, you are my nuts,
I am the bat, you're my robin,
I am King Kong, you're my building,
I am the muppet, you're my Hen-son,
I'm the emu, you are my Hull,
I am the ship, you're the anchor,
I am the keel, you are my mast,
I am the ocean, you are my waves,
I am a drip, you are my tap,
I am your splish, you are my splosh,
I'm the tonic, you are the gin,
I am the minor, your the major,
I am your egg, you're the soldier.

I am a cat, you are my lap,
I am a dog, you are my bone,
I am the man, you're the woman,
I'm the woman, you are the man.
Track Name: Movement VII - Enduring Memories From A Film
Movement VII - Enduring Memories From A Film

He ages, suddenly,
He looks up, and he sees,
A large shape, at the end,
Of his bed, then he dies.

Frogs fall from, from the sky.
Skipping stones, in to a,
A Parisian canal,
She jumps off,
From the bridge and just falls,
Group of boys,
They run as fast as they can
Cross the bridge,
Two are falling behind
Missed the train.
A funeral procession
Leading through,
Through a rocky land scape

She sits on the kitchen floor,
She's sobbing,
As he falls to his death.
Veil on,
She walks in to her new life.

He realised,
He's the sacrifice for,
Failed crops.
The pill is chosen and he,
He is torn,
And re-birthed in to hell.
He danced nude,
To the mirror and then swears,
When he saw,
He felt ugly and cried.
Mask came down,
And smoke came out of the side.
Hero's dead.
But the boulder gives chase.
Hands over,
The wheel and drives off the cliff.
Blonde tap dances in the,
Bowling lanes.
With a brave face she rings from,
The phone box,
And pretends that it is,
All O. K.
Track Name: Movement VIII - Pilgrimage
Movement VIII - Pilgrimage

Home to school we walked, from down hill to up, to home from the hospital, we drove in the deep snow, from home to the seaside, by car, from the beach running in to the sea.

By foot to half way up Ben Nevis, from the Cheddar gorge, on a bike to Lands End, from home to a theatre, by train, in London, by foot, and tube, Victoria to Waterloo, by bus, by night bus to Bethnal Green from home to Portballintrae, by coastal road, from Ayr to Edinburgh by motor car.

In a police car to Westminster, from the square by protest marching, from the park to Glebe Road, in a shopping trolley, to Homerton, by ambulance, from Kingsware to Paignton, by steam train to Swindon in my dying car, then back home, in a taxi, from here by limousine straight to Heathrow.

Berlin to Athens, by bus from home, by train to Amsterdam by cab and coach and ferry from, from Germany to Calais by my thumb, to hospital, from France by train.

From Las Vegas, by car, to L. A. from San Francisco, by plane, to New York by greyhound, from Toronto, to Banff, from Alberta, by highway from Ontario, by kayak to Quebec, to Calgary, from home and back to Vegas by, route sixty-six, to Frisco then, on to Seattle, by hitchhiking.

From one island, to another island, by seaplane from Saint Lucia, to Barbados, in a flying machine, from Jamaica, to a new home.

Saint Petersburg to Moscow by sleeper, from Kathmandu to Chitwan on a bus roof to Hong Kong, from Beijing by bullet to Kowloon by star ferry, then from Hiroshima to the island, by boat to La Paz, from thee village by ambulance, to Cape Town from Jo’berg by tarmac?, from home to home by Sri Lanka.

Four hundred and twenty two miles, by foot, from one city, by pilgrimage, through the valley of death, to a better city, and back to you, by any means that's possible, then straight back on to the open road.

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