"Ribcage Versus Unguided Missile"

by Alexander McKenzie and The Underpaid



The debut album “Ribcage Versus Unguided Missile” of the canadian singer Alexander McKenzie and her band The Underpaid will be released on 2nd of April in 2010 on the german label Dandyland.

Alexander, whose name is Lori in reality, was born in 1979 in Winnipeg in the West of Canada and emigrated at the age of 20 years to the Netherlands where she currently lives. With her voice she touches you deeply and the instrumental sound of her Dutch group fits perfectly. Her music is influenced by Fiona Apple, Radiohead or Joni Mitchel.

On their new album “Ribcage Versus Unguided Missile” Alexander McKenzie & the Underpaid are on a quest to discover the secret of true melancholic happiness. Alexander McKenzie and The Underpaid (Evert Aalten, Ingmaar Spaaij, Jan Pohl and Max van Zutphen) show us a poignant melancholy and nostalgic cynicism, translated by affecting vocals and a vintage instrumental sound.
Before doing the release Alexander McKenzie & The Underpaid will be on tour with „Songs & Whispers“ in February and March 2010 in Germany and the Netherlands.

For further information see: www.alexandermckenzie.com


released July 1, 2011

"This roots-rock/alternative country album is one of the most diverse and most beautiful ones I heard since a long time. And: Alexander is a woman from Canada, who is actually called Lori by first name. The lady with a voice, which is impressive, lightly rough, expressive, flexible, and touched with blues plays this musical masterpiece as a Quintet. At this moment, she is on tour as a trio, through different countries, but actually alone as she is the one who defines and leads this marvel with her art of writing and her voice. In an instrumental and artful landscape, besides artists like Lucinda Williams and Thea Gilmore her emotional voice can be positioned. Supported by wonderful melodies, which are influenced by roots-rock, Americana, soft melancholy, southern rock and intimate bar-blues Alexander enjoys herself the most and is sometimes accompanied by a playful piano or driven by gospel power. With such a creative power, real energy and emotion, I am left out in the rain by my omniscient manual and forget my pigeon-holes to start enjoying this music. What a fantastic debut. "
- Glitterhouse, July 2011

“Lori McKenzie, now settled in Rotterdam, looks up to Ani Difranco, Regina Spektor, Joni Mitchell, Thomas Dybdahl, Radiohead and several other quality songwriters. There’s nothing wrong with that, but this 28-year-old Canadian singer-songwriter shows us that she can also write a song or two. She debuts with an extremely passionate, extraordinarily beautiful album, which exhibits not only her strong compositions, but also her fantastic voice. The narrative songs about lost love, sorrow, uncertainty, strength and weakness grab you by the throat and captivate like a good, if languid book. Melancholy with a capital M, with precisely the right notes and finesse from her underpaid band mates. Their poverty could soon be a thing of the past as the world discovers the beauty of her work and acquires the album legally.”
-Oor magazine, October 2008

“A fantastic singer with a clear voice and jazzy technique....The cd has a nice open, transparent sound, which perfectly complements McKenzie’s beautiful voice. Her lyrics address some not all too happy themes-at times they’re almost dripping with disappointment in her fellow man-but the cd is not at all depressing.... an excellent sub-topper...”
-Heaven Magazine, January 2009
“McKenzie relies on her voice, and it’s easy to hear why. A voice this lithe doesn’t need much help in holding the attention of its listeners. In the first track of her debut album, she sometimes sounds like her compatriot Natalie Merchant and 10.000 maniacs, which requires quite a bit of talent. McKenzie sings primarily about the lesser moments in life and love. Or, as it says in her biography: she chooses to simply enjoy the good moments and write songs about the miserable ones.”
-Noordhollands Dagblad, January 2009

“With this debut, McKenzie show us that she has a lot of character.”
-Fret Magazine, October 2008

“McKenzie has a beautiful, world-weary voice, perfectly able to express the emotion within her songs. Her words float above a layer of folk, pop and idiosyncratic influences, a combination that leads to a strong dose of melancholic music....Ribcage Versus Unguided Missile is an exquisite record to drown yourself in, whether you’re up or down. A beautiful and impressive album.”
-Foknieuws.nl, February 2009


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