1. Be Longing
    Rosy Daze

  2. The Daisy Chapman EP
    Daisy Chapman

  3. New Coastline
    Riddle & The Stars

  4. Astrophysics Saved My Life
    Rivers Of England

  5. Southern Loss
    Kaurna Cronin

  6. Earthman
    Simon Hudson

  7. Red
    Echo Bloom

  8. Blue
    Echo Bloom

  9. Jamboree
    Echo Bloom

  10. Present
    Ingrid Veerman

  11. Glass Fool
    Kaurna Cronin

  12. Maslow's songbook

  13. Six Strings... ...Keep Me Sane
    Peter Crawford

  14. Robt Sarazin Blake
    Robert Sarazin Blake

  15. Put Back Charlie
    Aireene Espiritu

  16. Tonight I Ride
    Tom Corbett

  17. Heart Like Mine
    The Fallen Stars

  18. This Is Happening
    Riddle & The Stars

  19. Pistol Eyes Limited Extended Edition
    Kaurna Cronin

  20. Wishing Wells
    Kaurna Cronin

  21. Sentimental Bones
    Hanna Fearns

  22. Last December
    Daisy Chapman

  23. Gathering of the Haunted
    Scarlatti Tilt feat. Daisy Chapman

  24. Shameless Winter

  25. "TRACKS FOR FANS" #1
    Daisy Chapman (Bristol, UK)

  26. "The Green Eyed"
    Daisy Chapman

  27. "Hymns of Blame"
    Daisy Chapman

  28. "And there shall be none."
    Daisy Chapman

  29. Of Trivial And Gargantuan
    Rivers Of England

  30. No End in Sight
    Zen Elephant

  31. Good To Be Reminded
    Zen Elephant

  32. Gold Fury
    Howling Lord

  33. Hay, Hay, Make A Wish And Turn Away

  34. Norman

  35. Halos

  36. Open Doors
    Axel Kruse

  37. They May Put Land Between Us
    Joyce The Librarian

  38. TRACKS FOR FANS #2 pt. 1
    Axel Kruse (Bremen, D)

  39. "I´m Always Explaining"

  40. The Merchant
    The Monotrol Kid

    The Monotrol Kid (Brussels, BE)

  42. "What About The Finches"
    The Monotrol Kid

  43. "Immortality"
    Adam Donen

  44. "Vampires"
    Adam Donen

  45. 4 Our Seasons
    Gonne Choi

  46. "TRACKS FOR FANS" #2 pt.2
    Gonne Choi (Seoul, KR)

  47. An Anthology Of All Things
    Johnny Parry

  48. Fields & Birds & Things
    Johnny Parry

  49. "More Love & Death"
    Johnny Parry

  50. Little Prayers 1 - 8
    Johnny Parry

  51. Songs Without A Purpose
    Johnny Parry

  52. Break Your Little Heart
    Johnny Parry

  53. "The Savage And The Small"
    A Seated Craft

  54. "Crooked Timber"

  55. "Garden of Deceit"

  56. "Send for The Sea"

  57. "Revivals, Ritual & Union Songs"
    Southern Tenant Folk Union

  58. "Last of The Charanguistas"
    The Epstein

  59. "Last Time I Was There"
    Roger Tarry

  60. "Morning Comes"
    Someday Jacob

  61. "Daybreak"
    Buzzard Lope

  62. "Ribcage Versus Unguided Missile"
    Alexander McKenzie and The Underpaid


"SONGS & WHISPERS" Bremen, Germany

"SONGS & WHISPERS" is a live - music and artist development network.

We present live music music in befriended places in Europe. We are putting on shows with international and local artist and are covering the genres: Alternative Folk, Alternative Country, Americana, Bluegrass, Singer-Songwriter and some unclassifiable music too.

"Songs & Whispers" live videos: www.youtube.com/songsandwhispers.
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